Since 1980, Utensil Centro deals with the construction and sharpening of tools for working wood in hard metal (HM) and diamond (PCD)
We are in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Our experience, the result of years of work dedicated to the design and construction of versatile, safe and innovative tools, allows us to develop the right solution for every type of manufacture. 
Our company is equipped with high technology numerical control machinery (CNC), which allows the construction of the tool in short times and of an excellent quality. 
Our history is related to the evolution of the tools themselves, due to the market needs that changes over the years. From steel drills focused on the generation of tools devised just for the Pesaro furniture range of industry of forty years ago, to the production of polycrystalline diamond tools: the evolution of our work guarantees a deep knowledge of the sector and the needs of our customers.