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One of the goals we desire with tenacity is the service optimization.
Speed, punctuality and ease in finding and ordering the goods: this is what we want for our customers.

This is why this section of the website was born. We thought that by giving access to order services to customers with whom we enter into agreements in advance, the fluidity of the collaboration considerably improves.

We consider our customers as partners with whom achieve shared business goals.
By accessing the warehouse at any time of the day, through our website, they can choose the material they need and place the order.
All without writing and waiting for an email or picking up the phone.

The processing of the order is, therefore, considerably accelerated thanks to the absence of certain passages.
The computerization and automation of the service optimize the use of time and consequently the service.
Utensil Centro has always had a careful eye on the needs of its customers; listens by providing an attentive, fast, precise and punctual service.



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