Cookie Policy

The Data Protection Commission has received a new European directive requiring website administrators to display banners informing visitors about the cookie policy in use and to request its acceptance before continuing to browse.
If you need further information concerning this or if you have any questions about the cookie policy, feel free to contact us at

What are cookies and what are they for?
Cookies are text strings used to execute automated authentications, session tracking and data storage concerning specific aspects of the users accessing the server. In particular, they are small text strings sent from a server to a web client (generally a web browser) and then sent back from the client to the server (without any modifications) at each time the client accesses the same section of a web domain.

Cookies used by our site
Our site uses different types of cookies, each with a specific function, as specified below:

Browsing cookies allow to view our website and to make it work correctly. These cookies are necessary for the site to work properly. They gather information anonimously, including the number of visitors on the website, where they are from and which pages they have viewed.

Analytics cookies are used to better understand how our visitors use the website, to optimize and improve the website and to ensure that it is always efficient for the users. These cookies are used, for example, by Google Analytics to elaborate statistic analysis concerning the browsing methods of users on personal computers or mobile devices, the number of pages visited or the number of clicks on a particular page during the browsing session.

Click here to view Google’s privacy policy.

These cookies are used by third party enterprises to gather information concerning how visitors use the website, the keywords used to reach it, other websites visited and other data used for marketing campaigns.

This kind of cookies are used to integrate third party functionalities into the website (for example, commenting modules or social networks’ icons and shortcuts) allowing the visitors to share website contents.

How to disable cookie

For more detailed information about disabling cookies, here are a few useful links for your web browser’s configuration:

• How to disable cookies on Firefox
• How to disable cookies on Chrome
• How to disable cookies on Internet Explorer
• How to disable cookies on Safari
• How to disable cookies on Opera

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